Maria Kyriakou

Maria Kyriakou © Stelios Kallinikou

has a BA in Publishing (Oxford Brookes University, UK) and an MA in Theatre Studies (Cyprus Open University). In 2006 she co-founded the theatre company Omada One/Off, aiming to experiment on the theatrical form, mainly through devised theatre techniques and to explore alternative artistic creation within the platform of performing.

With Omada One/Off she has directed the following theatre performances: Little Boxes (2007), Where Is My Love? (2008), Madame B. (2009), Shopping Mall (2009), (forget-me-not) (2010), Φ. (2011), W.C. (2013), Stallerhof by Franz Xavier Kroetz, (2014 in collaboration with ETHAL) and Erofili Repeat (2015 – Kypria International Festival). She has also worked independently as a director on the following plays: Ety(o)mologia (2011, Scenic Affairs Project), Crane (2012, Cyprus Summer Dance Festival) , Bildbeschreibung by Heiner Muller (2014, theYardResidency), Nightplay by Heiner Muller (2014, No Body Festival), The Omission of the Coleman Family by Claudio Tolcachir (2017, Cyprus Theatre Organisation), Saved by Edward Bond (2018, Satiriko Theatro), Anagelasta: Logion logion genetzes by Stella Voskaridou-Economou (2018, Paraplevros Productions), Look Back in Anger by John Osborne (2019, Versus Theatre) and Things I know to be true by Andrew Bovell (2020, Cyprus Theatre Organisation). In July 2011, her performance (forget-me-not) represented Cyprus at the Festival d’Avignon Off. In March 2015 she received the Best Director Award at the Cyprus Theatre Awards (2013-14) for the play Stallerhof by Franz Xavier Kroetz.

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