A young woman wearing a pale pink top and an equally pale pink satin eye mask covering her eyes is standing in front of a red fringed curtain. The mood of the picture is sensual and mysterious, mostly due to the soft and warm studio light on the woman’s face seen in profile. Foto: Goethe-Institut


A man and a woman are seen from the side; they are both seated on modern wooden chairs facing an audience of students sitting on white stairs. The man wearing a pale blue shirt and round glasses, is Johan König, owner and founder of the König Galerie in Berlin. The blonde woman sitting next to is interviewing him. Foto: Goethe-Institut

The project BEYOND SEEING will be presented for the first time in a transdisciplinary and interactive exhibition in January 2018 in Paris. The exhibition aims on creating a multisensory experience. The visitors – seeing or not seeing – will touch, hear, smell and taste as well as experience and interpret fashion beyond the visual aspect.


A stock image showing an edited photo of the generous square in front of the great hall of Vilette. Located on the right as well as on the left side of the great hall are two big buildings. A huge fountain is located in the middle of the square. The image is held in different shades of red. Foto: Goethe-Institut

The WIP, located in Parc de la Villette, has been won as a partner. Designed by Bernard Tschumi, the park, 35 ha in size, houses one of the largest concentration of cultural venues and is therefore among the most important culture places in France. The exhibition’s venue extends on two levels over 500 sqm.


The picture shows a construction of steel rears next to a brown paper made house façade. Inside the steel construction are four white sheets, which are illuminated by a bright white light. Foto: Goethe-Institut

Until the grand opening of the exhibition all participating students finalize their designs in close exchange with the blind and visually impaired participants. At about the same time Scenography workshops are held with architecture students of the University of Applied Sciences and Technology from Wismar; Germany, Professor of experimental design Julian Krueger is in charge of the conception and realization of a modular and sustainable exhibition architecture.