Call for Proposals: Creative Pop-Up Café at Goethe-Institut Dublin

Photograph coffee machine and flowers © © Donal Murphy Café - 37 Merrion Square © Donal Murphy

We are excited to announce our call for proposals for an innovative Pop-Up Café at the Goethe-Institut in Dublin. This unique opportunity allows you to showcase your creativity while promoting sustainability and German culture through a culinary experience.

The Goethe-Institut in Dublin offers a central and accessible venue, providing an excellent opportunity to engage with both residents and visitors. 

The café comprises a main space (c. 80sqm), one storage room, a small open air courtyard space, public bathrooms and a small outdoor space (see plan). Internal doors can be locked in such a way that the café can operate independently from the rest of the building, i.e. including access to the bathrooms via the basement lobby. 

Requirements by the Goethe-Institut Irland 

  • Selection of food (small meals/snacks) and drinks with an emphasis on quality over quantity.
  • An acknowledgement of German food/drink on the menu would be welcomed. 
  • The café should offer 20% discounted rates for employees of the Goethe-Institut. 
  • We would welcome opening hours that somehow reflect the Goethe-Institut’s general opening hours (Mon-Thu 9:00-21:30; Fri 9:00-17:00; Sat 9:00-15:00). Trading times outside the institute’s opening hours are possible. 
In general, we attach great importance to sustainability and social responsibility and would appreciate it if the café would reflect these values.

Contractual Arrangements, Terms & Conditions 

The café will operate for a limited period, ideally spanning six to ten months.  
The details of a license agreement between the Goethe-Institut Irland and the future café manager have yet to be decided. The license agreement must be approved by the German Embassy in Dublin.

The following points should be considered: 

If you are interested, please submit a detailed proposal outlining your concept for a creative Pop-Up Café to Maraike Möller 

Include information about your vision regarding the café interior design, your business/professional experience, your branding/marketing strategy and a draft food and drinks menu for the new café. 
The rental cost is dependent on the common market rate in the area but will also reflect the special requirements of the Goethe-Institut Irland. However, the rental price of 2000€ per month will not be undercut.