Days of German Language
October-November 2021/

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Beatha teanga í a labhairt

Irish 'seanfhocail' (proverb)

An Irish 'seanfhocail' or proverb says that the life of a language is to speak it. In keeping with this motto, our #THINKGERMAN – Days of German Language project is dedicated to your engagement with the German language in Ireland. We invite you to make your interest in and passion for the German language and German culture visible this October, and to share the joy you find in German with us and with your fellow German-language Liebhaber all over the country.

Why join us?

#THINKGERMAN welcomes people from all over Ireland who share our interest in the German language and German culture, and who want to promote the friendship between Ireland and Germany.

Whether individually or as part of an institution, be it a kindergarten group, school or university, or a club, company or library, we invite everyone interested to participate in #THINKGERMAN – Days of German Language this year. Give your enthusiasm for the German language a platform, and show the public your engagement with the German language.

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People who #ThinkGerman
John Scott

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People who #ThinkGerman
Liam Ryan

How does #THINKGERMAN work?

How can you do this? You could organise a quiz about Germany for your class, an open day at a German company, or an online reading for curious students. Or maybe you would be interested in organising a poetry slam in German, or a concert with German songs. We are more than happy to support you in developing your own ideas, however you want to be involved with #THINKGERMAN.

Any institution in Ireland
  • that has a connection to the German language or to Germany (e.g. universities, schools, kindergartens, other educational institutions, businesses, associations, cultural institutions or others)
  • and is interested in participating in #THINKGERMAN – Days of German Language with their own activity or event.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to
  • promote your institution and your commitment to German language
  • become part of a nationwide network 
All participating institutions will receive a small gift as a thank-you.

It's very simple: you plan an activity or an event for October 2021, and we will advertise it in our #THINKGERMAN events calendar and our #THINKGERMAN map.

We will also organise our own activities for #THINKGERMAN – Days of German Language. More details will be available shortly on our website and via our social media channels.
After your event: After your event or initiative, tell us how it went. You are welcome to send us a few snapshots or short videos of the best moments, or share them with our social media channels with the hashtag #THINKGERMAN. We would be happy to display all participants and their events on our website afterwards. 

#ThinkGerman - Tage der deutschen Sprache im Oktober 2021 Photo (detail): © Fotolia

How do you come up with ideas for an event or activity?

Are you still looking for inspiration for your event as part of #THINKGERMAN – Days of German Language? We are more than happy to help you develop your ideas. But in the meantime, we've prepared a few ideas you could use as a guideline. These ideas aren't final, of course, and are mostly here to give you a little bit of inspiration for coming up with your own ideas.

Do you already have an idea? If so, we would be delighted if you could organise it for the Days of German Language. You can also participate with an activity or event that is already offered or organised in your school or institution- the possibilities are endless!

  • (Online) Quiz / competition on Germany or the German language
  • Games evening
  • Language competition (e.g. search for the most beautiful, longest, most difficult word, etc.)
  • Poster competition
  • Painting activity or competition
  • Digital photo challenge
  • Fun games or a light-hearted quiz in a pedestrianised area/at a train or bus station/on the street

  • Poetry reading
  • Poetry writing
  • Fairytale reading
  • Re-writing a short story
  • Book swap
  • Spoken Word Competition and Poetry Slam
  • Discussion about German writers

  • Music event
  • Karaoke party
  • Concert/Music Competition
  • School with a difference - German music during the break

  • Making a music video with a German song
  • Shooting a short film
  • Theatre performance
  • Film evening

  • School with a difference (CLIL)
  • Discover Germany - display/offer current, engaging materials (books, CDs, DVDs); suggested topics: German language, literature, traditions, culture (libraries)

  • Poster exhibition
  • Collages of famous German personalities
  • Exhibition of "Typically German" 
  • Create greeting cards / postcards

  • Company tour
  • Career day (school and university)
  • Open day
  • Information event about studying / scholarships in Germany
  • Tour of the library in German
  • Taster session
  • Information event  

  • Discussion session
  • On the trail of German history in Ireland
  • School with a difference - typical German dishes in the school cafeteria
  • German meals in Home Economics classes
  • Interviews with passers-by - "Do you speak German?" Etc.
  • Online city tour 

Do you have further suggestions for our collection of ideas? Then please send us an email: inge.wagner.extern@goethe.de

Online materials

Are you looking for online material to use during your event or activity that could enter our #THINKGERMAN week? No need to worry – there are lots of things to discover.

Deutsch für dich Foto: Shutterstock.com, Rawpixel.com

More initiatives for learners and teachers

From “Deutsch für Dich”, the free German learning community of the Goethe-Institut, “Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz”, to “Mein Weg nach Deutschland”, we offer interactive and goal-oriented learning content for every level. Find more on Learn German free of charge. Teachers find more ideas and templates for school lessons on Concepts and Materials


From the beginning of October, you can follow our #THINKGERMAN calendar and our #THINKGERMAN map to find out which parts of Ireland are hosting events and activities connected to German language and culture. Would you like to be a part of it this year? Then join in with your own event, and show us how alive the German language is in Ireland!


Do you have questions? Our project managers are happy to help!

Michael Hauke

Head of Language Department

Inge Wagner

Project Manager & Organization Debating Competition