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    20 Languages, 51 Poets
    187 Poems, 280 Translations
    40 Essays
    Sound Installations, Photo Essays, Readings

    Poets Translating Poets Festival Mumbai, November 25-27, 2016 Chennai, November 29-30, 2016 More ...

    Festival Video

    The culmination of this project: a celebration of poetry in Mumbai.


    Shillong's Contemporary Poetry

    Shillong has always been a hotbed for the arts in the north east of India…Lalnunsanga Ralte More ...


      17. Poesiefestival, Berlin, June 2016

      Project 'Poets Translating Poets' proves that poetry is more than art
      dw.com, 11.06.2016 More ...

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      Videos – Alif featuring Ulrike Almut Sandig "Poets Translating Poets – Festival in Mumbai" Alif und Ulrike Almut Sandig ... Mehr ...