Jun Nakaoka
A month filled with valuable experiences in Bonn

Yuki Hayashi
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I German language courses at the Goethe-institut Osaka

I acquired my basic knowledge of the German language through lessons at the Goethe-Institut Osaka. Before I started learning German at the Goethe-Institut, I didn't know anything about German culture or tradition. That's why I wasn't sure beforehand, if the lessons would be fun for me and whether I could follow them well. This fear turned out to be unfounded, because in the last course, thanks to my teacher, I made great progress in my German language skills.

There are two reasons for this. First of all the atmosphere in the class was very conducive to learning German. The number of participants was not too big but also not too small, so that all participants could express themselves. Therefore I had the feeling that the course was very lively and the teacher was not too distant. For me a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom was important to make progress in speaking.

Secondly, the information the teacher gave us about the background of the topic in the textbook or about the current situation in Germany was very interesting and useful. It gave me a good idea about everyday life in Germany. This information motivated me to continue learning German. The longer I attended the course at the Goethe-Institut Osaka, the more motivated I became to attend a course in Germany.

II German Language Courses at the Goethe-Institut Bonn

My participation in a German course at the Goethe-Institut Bonn was a valuable opportunity to improve my German language skills. I had the feeling that the course in Bonn was faster than in Osaka. Most participants had their own goal or reason for learning German, e.g. a Goethe-Certificate for work or admission to university, so probably the course went faster because of this reason. Although it was so fast and informative, all participants stayed until the last lesson and worked with great concentration. This allowed me to improve my language skills.

Unlike the German course in Japan, there naturally were more opportunities to use German in Germany, especially during the wonderful recreational programmes.

For instance, in September you can take part in the "Beethoven Festival" and meet classical music fans there. When I went to the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, a special concert took place. It was called "Viva México - The Federal Youth Orchestra on Tour with the Mexican Conductor Alondra de la Parra". There I met a boy from Mexico and we talked about our favourite music and our home countries. I had the impression that he was very moved. He also told me, "Today is a special day for me". That was on September 16, because that day is Independence Day in Mexico. I understood his feelings well, because it rarely happens that you feel your own homeland when you' re abroad.

In addition to this concert, the employees of the Goethe-Institut Bonn also offered many recreational programmes. Excursions to Cologne or Aachen, sports like football or climbing, a Goethe get-together in a popular pub in Bonn, and so on. Through these events I was able to get to know many German learners from all over the world and experience everyday life in Germany. Especially memorable for me was celebrating my birthday together with my friends I met in the course or in a recreational programme.

III Concluding Remarks

In conclusion I would like to say thank you to the Goethe-Institut Osaka Kyoto with all my heart for their support. Without the scholarship I could not have gained these valuable experiences.

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