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Placement Test

Quick Online Test

This test is designed to roughly assess your German skills, whether you are experienced or just starting to learn the language. You will be tested on your reading comprehension and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.
If you wish to enrol in a German course at the Goethe-Institut, please book the Online Placement Test.
For internationally recognised proof of German language proficiency, we recommend taking our official Goethe-Zertifikat exams.

  • approximate assessment of your German language skills
  • duration 15-20 minutes
  • free

Placement Test

The online placement test enables us to find out what previous knowledge you have, define a learning objective with you and help you select an appropriate course.
Minimum age: 16 years

If you like to enrol yourself or your child for a higher level German course at the Goethe-Institut, kindly get in touch with our language course office to book an appointment for the placement test. The fee of 1000 LKR can be paid in cash on the day of the placement test. 

  • Personalised assessment of the appropriate course level for you
  • precise result, e.g. A 1.2, B 2.1
  • fee will be reimbursed when you book a course

LKR 1000