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City of Words

An Online Game for learners of German at A1-level. In the ficticious "City of Words", you collect new words, use them in short sentences, and you can test your skills in short games with other players.

Vocabulary trainer app

Vocabulary trainer app

Learn German on the go with the Goethe-Institut’s vocabulary trainer app. The Goethe-Institut’s new mobile vocabulary trainer helps you to practise and improve your German by adding new words to your vocabulary even on the go.

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Ticket nach Berlin © Goethe-Institut

Ticket nach Berlin

Six candidates, two teams, one goal: Berlin. On their journey through Germany six young learners of German face thrilling challenges.

Our Street – German in everyday situations © Goethe-Institut

Our Street – German in everyday situations

Discover who is living or working here and practise your German.

German Cities and Landscapes © Goethe-Institut

German Cities and Landscapes

High-tech and nature, sports and culture: Germany has many different faces.

Mein Weg nach Deutschland Foto (Ausschnitt): © Flo Karr / Unsplash

Mein Weg nach Deutschland

The website “Mein Weg nach Deutschland” is designed for prospective migrants who have reached the A1 level of language proficiency, which they need to qualify for a visa, in their home country. It aims to facilitate their transition to Germany. Also available in Sinhala & Tamil

Project © Goethe-Institut

Mein Deutschlandheft

“Mein Deutschlandheft” helps you to prepare for your first time in Germany while you are in your home country. Here you will find general information and tips on where to do further research.