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Capturing the Current, submission by Nayanahari Abeynayake© Nayanahari Abeynayake

Capturing the Current

As a spontaneous reaction to the intensifying socio-political current realities in Sri Lanka the Goethe-Institut Chennai and Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Chennai Photo Biennale have selected four emerging photographers with an ongoing documentary practice. We are supporting them by awarding the photographers with small grants to continue their ongoing practice, documenting the multifold economic hardships, the people’s protest movement and other topics of current relevance in their respective surroundings.

The selection of photographers was made, taking into account the desire to support photographers with potential and an interesting practice, from a variety of locations across the country and keeping to a gender balance.

Informationen on the participating photographers

Selected Photography Projects

Following this online preview the images will be edited, curated and exhibited in an event organized by the Chennai Photo Biennale and Goethe-Institut Chennai. 

The rights to all images remain with the photographers, the Goethe-Institut reserves the right to use the images for the exhibition and online.