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Friday, 28. May 2021 at 07:00 p.m. (IST)


"Either you stay here and nothing happens. No more pain. Simply nothing. Or you go back to Teufelsberg and anything can happen. Everything that hurts, but also everything that is beautiful. You just have to make a decision."

His wealth of ideas is unchecked, as is the skillful use of original visual effects: After the short films "Nashorn im Galopp" and "Berlin Metanoia", Erik Schmitt presents his first feature film at Generation. Berlin is once again playing a leading role. It's about the soul of the city, whose eventful history is wound through to the Big Bang. Ghosts of Berlin legends spray their knowledge, while Cleo tries desperately to undo the blows of fate of her childhood. A fabled treasure promises hope. Together with three bizarre but lovable companions, she goes on a search across the city, through time and her own emotional world.

Director: Erik Schmitt, 2019, col., 101 min.

The Vimeo-link for the film:

Erik Schmitt
Born in Mainz in 1980. With his feature film debut "Cleo" he is a guest in the Generation section for the third time. He received the German Short Film Award for his short film "Now you see the following".
Director © Erik Schmitt
In total, his short films have won over 100 international festival and film awards. In 2018 he founded the production company Seven Elephants together with the director Julia von Heinz, the director David Falko Wnendt and the producer Fabian Gasmia. He is currently working on the science fiction film "Rebels".


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