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October - December 2018
Melissa Lin

Artist in Residence 2018 Melissa Lin
© Melissa Lin

Melissa Lin is an artist and astrologer who loves how both disciplines deepen, teach about and reveal the mystery and richness of life and living.

Art for her is a process of becoming and of encouraging the intrepid traveler on the way to wholeness and experience, not only for the individual, but also for the health of the community and collective. Art can be the voice that brings us back  to our best selves and to the world.

During her time at basis e.V., Melissa Lin explored the European roots of the Esoteric and Shamanic practice as well as the subcultures that support it. At the end of the residency, she did a three-day Astrology reading for the residents of Frankfurt am Main as a performance and personal dialogue. She also took the opportunity to raise questions about the misconceptions of Astrology, that instead of intellectual, can also be experiential. 

work of the artist

Artist in Residence 2018 Melissa Lin © Basis Frankfurt e.V. | Artist in Residence 2018 Melissa Lin