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Artist in Residence Exchange Programme

The Artist-In-Residence exchange program or AIR aims at supporting and encouraging contemporary visual arts and promoting international exchange between Frankfurt and Kuala Lumpur. The program offers young and emerging artists the opportunity to gain experience regarding their own artistic practice and to build an international network.
The program is one of its kind in Malaysia and offers a bilateral exchange between the two host countries.

The Programme

Once a year the application plattform will be opened for submissions. The emerging visual artists from both countries can apply for the scholarships by submitting a cover letter, an application form and a project proposal. The applicants will then be shortlisted by a panel of juries in the respective city. This shortlist will be submitted to the final juries of the host countries, which will decide to whom the scholarship will be awarded.

The period of residence in the host city is three months. The winner will receive a scholarship worth Euro 1,000 per month as living allowances. The host organization will provide return flight tickets, a three-month accommodation, a working studio, curatorial support, integration into the local artist network and realization of a project or presentation at the end of the residency, which is optional and financially supported, too.

AIR Frankfurt © BASIS e.V. Frankfurt


We would like to announce that the two artists will take part in this year’s residency are German artist Laila Böcker (at Lostgens’ Kuala Lumpur from August – October) and Malaysian artists Xeem Noor (at basis e.V. Frankfurt from October – December). We would like to congratulate the two chosen artists and wish them a fruitful experience at the residency respectively.

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