International Laureate Programme

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4-week stay in Germany

Every year around 450 outstanding German language secondary school students from more than 90 countries world-wide are selected to take part in the International Laureate Programme. The laureates will be invited to a 4-week stay in Germany and joining an extensive study and culture program in Cologne, Bonn, Berlin, and Munich or Hamburg. A highlight is the 2-week stay in a German host family and the attendance of classes in the local grammar school including special German language sessions. The programme is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and coordinated by the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst (PAD).

The PAD is the sole public organization in Germany working on behalf of the 16 Federal States to promote international exchange and cooperation in the school sector. The PAD is a department of the Secretariat of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (Kultusministerkonferenz). 

Please Note

After following the rapidly changing situation surrounding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Federal Foreign Office and the PAD have decided to suspend the International Laureate Programme in 2020. We are painfully aware that this decision is particularly disappointing for the selected students. The reason of the suspension is due to the unpredictable and volatile rise of infections. And our top priority is the wellbeing of all programme participants.

Laureate Programme in Malaysia

The 2020 selection process had 2 rounds:

Preliminary round: From 17th to 28th February 2020 round 120 students from 78 selected public secondary schools within our Educational Cooperation participated in a video contest. They shot a 1-minute video with the following content:
-  Who are you?
-  What do you love to do?
-  Which role does German play in your life?
-  Why should you receive a scholarship to Germany?

A jury at Goethe-Institut assessed the videos with the criteria: language, creativity/originality, content. 

Final round: 15 students qualified for the final round. On 13th March 2020, they were invited for 30-minutes group interview session at the German Embassy. The interviews had 3 parts:
-  Part 1: The students will get to know to each other.      They will ask each other questions and answer them.
-  Part 2: The students will plan something together.
-  Part 3: In this part, the jury will ask questions. 
- You are a German student in form 4.
- You speak German at least on level A2.
- You hold a valid Malaysian passport.
- You have never lived longer than 6 months in a German-speaking country.
- German is not your native language and you don’t have one or more German-speaking parent.

3 Malaysian students receive a grant that includes:

-  2-week German language course and classroom visits in the local grammar school
-  2-week roundtrip through Germany in international student groups
-  Extensive culture, sports, and leisure program
-  Flights, transfers and airport pick-up service
-  Accommodation in host families, and hotels during the round trip
-  Full board
-  Accident, liability, and health insurance  

2 students are selected as replacement candidates. 
Nur Aliah Shallyna binti Shamsuri, SMK Ahmad Boestamam (Perak) 

>> Get to know Aliah Shallyna

I am Aliah Shallyna and am 16 years old. Learning German is wonderful, especially when I speak to my teacher and friends in German. My favourite word is "Wonderful", because it is so positive. I like the word "menarik" in my mother tongue, which means "interesting", as I find everything in life interesting. And what do I like about Germany and Malaysia? Well, of course its the food! 

Alya Maisarah binti Ahmad Latapi, SMKA Kerian (Perak)

>> Get to know Alya Maisarah

Hello, my name is Alya and I am 16 years old. I learn German because it is fun. I love learning with stories the most. My favorite German word would therefore be "Schloss" - palace, because fantasies emerge from palaces. Anyhow, in my mother tongue, palace is called "istana", which also sounds beautiful, right? I especially like the lifestyle at Germany and in Malaysia the food. 

Puteri Sarah Fitrisha binti Shahizam Pahkrul, SMS Kuala Selangor (Selangor)

>> Get to know Puteri Sarah Fitrisha

My name is Puteri Sarah Fitrisha and I am 16 years old. I find German interesting and it is my dream to become a german-language teacher. My favorite German word is "Danke" - thanks. I like the word "sayang" - love, in my mother tongue, because I love my family. I like the culture and historical architecture at Germany, and in Malaysia the courtesy of the people, our traditional dance and the beautiful beaches. I look forward to staying with a german guest family soon. 

Angus Chieng Qiyang, SMK St. Michael (Perak) and Nur Syahirah binti Ramli, SMK Telok Mas (Melaka) are selected as a replacement candidates.