Album release Orang Kampung

GI60: Orang Kampung ©Pangrok Sulap & Chris Pereira (Ausschnitt)

Sun, 16.10.2022


Mini Album Release

Sabahan music producer Christopher Charles Pereira (Eyes and Ears Production) and the Pangrok Sulap collective produced a mini album consisting of five song, in both traditional (studio) and non-traditional (site specific) method of recording.  

The album has the professional studio finishing but contains also the organic and natural ambience which further enriches the production’s musicality. The five songs are performed by the members of Pangrok Sulap in the local Sabahan dialects. The songs attempt to highlight the fading culture of the village lifestyle, ancestral land justice, neo-colonialism by the new power and the solidarity of the rural marginalized community. 

The main song Orang Kampung is also accompanied with a brand new music video as part of the content production.