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Virtually Yours #17 Khalil Diallo

A series of online discussions - Virtual Gatherings - with the award-winning author, exploring contemporary African Literature with authors.

Khalil Diallo Khalil Diallo | @Chirblack Ibrahim El Khalil Diallo
is one of the most promising young writers on the African continent. Born in Mauritania, he lives in Dakar. After being a finalist for the Orange Prize for Books in Africa 2019, the Kourouma Prize 2019 and the Ivory Prize 2019, he is the winner of the Ahmed Baba Prize 2021 and finalist for the Kourouma Prize 2021.
With L'Odyssée des oubliés, he is published for the first time in France.

In the course of a terrible and intense odyssey between the west coast of Africa and the Mediterranean, Khalil Diallo tells us the story of Sembouyane and his companions in misfortune and embarks us on the flow of these thousands of migrants ready to cross the desert and the sea in the hope of a better future. Nothing will be spared them but, despite the disillusionment and suffering, it is always possible to dream, to make a decision and to fight for one's inalienable and universal right to dignity.

If you missed the live broadcast you can watch the recording here.