Events and Competitions

Sprachwettbewerb 2019 winners jump ©Carmen Begley for Goethe-Institut Namibia

Language Competition for ​Namibian Learners

Over 70 learners from schools across Namibia every year compete in the German as a Foreign Language Competition of the Goethe-Institut Namibia on the second weekend of September.

After being faciliated by the  NaDS (Namibian-German Foundation for Cultural Cooperation) since its inception and later by the Goethe Centre Windhoek, the nationwide competition is from now on part of operations at the Goethe-Institut Namibia.

Competed for every year are flights to Germany for the five best learners, who will have the opportunity to stay with families in that country, with all living expenses paid, and to experience the culture of Germany first-hand. Besides the exams, competitors also experinece a range of fun and colourfull activities in German. There is also a counselling workshop for German teachers.

German as a Foreign Language is taught in many Namibian schools, with more than 10 000 primary and secondary scholars engaging in the language that is spoken by about 120 million people worldwide. A total of 54 schools participate in this competition by entering the best German as Foreign Language (DaF) learners from Grade 7 to 11 for the written and oral examinations.

The prizes

Competition finalists (5 to 6) are to receive the grand prize of the trip to Germany, courtesy of various sponsors. Three of the flights to Germany are sponsored by the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst) through the Federal Republic of German´s Embassy to Namibia, and two by the DNG (Deutsch-Namibische Gesellschaft e.V.). About four of the trips involve a language course in Germany and about two involve the stay with a family for four weeks.

The sponsors

We would like to thank the many sponsors that have supported the language competition over the years.

Deutsch - Namibische Gesellschaft         
Pädagogischer Austauschdienst

Who can participate and who can’t?

All learners having chosen “German as a Foreign Language” as a subject at school can enter the competition. The selection and participation of learners in the competition is done within the schools.
  • Pupils, whose parents are native German speakers, who benefited from the support of German mother tongue speakers in an institution like the kindergarten and who stayed more than 6 weeks in a German speaking country can’t take part in the competition.  

The competition groups

The competition divides learners into 9 test groups, according to their Grade and how many hours they spend learning the German language per week.

Further details regarding the number of participants per school and the duration and content of tests in the competition, are communicated to the schools and accordingly to the German teachers after registration for the competition.