Schools Go Green

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    Schools go Green

Schools go Green with Goethe

Schools Go Green with Goethe is a pilot project to raise environmental awareness in schools in Namibia. In February 2022, the Goethe-Institut Namibia invited environmental clubs from PASCH and BKD schools to develop eligible projects on wildlife conservation, environmental awareness and ecological sustainability.

A total of 10 schools were selected with the idea that the activity of their environmental AG in 2022 would be financed by the Goethe-Institut and developed and accompanied by a so-called "tree ranger".

These tree rangers are graduates of the Natural Resources Management course at NUST (Namibian University of Science and Technology), young environmental activists and professionals who could teach the even younger generation of students while being mentored themselves by the Eloolo Permaculture Initiative, a Namibian non-profit organization that promotes environmental awareness and activism.

The results of the project will be presented in an exhibition at the Goethe-Institut in September 2022.

In this photo, students from Windhoek International School participate in a workshop on combating soil erosion. Photo: Willem Vrey