Robot in Residence

Nao was in Nigeria

Nao robot in residence

Nao | © Goethe-Institut Nigeria/by Tope Asokere

After a short but exciting stay in Nigeria, Nao has made its way to Cameron. We were very glad to have hosted Nao and introduced it to our culture.
Safe journey Nao!

The residency program has been successful in achieving its objectives. The NAO robot was programmed to identify tribal marks, explain them, and engage in dialogue with users on the topic. The robot was also able to engage in conversations about African proverbs and riddles. The programming was done with Python and QiChat on the NAO Choreographe software. The conversation applications developed were able to provide accurate and respectful information on African culture. In addition, the robot was able to provide an interactive and engaging way for users to learn about different cultures.

Check the report on Nao's stay in Nigeria here

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