The World of the Wunderlichs
German Film Week 2017

The World of the Wunderlichs © X Verleih

„…the portrait of a dysfunctional city family.“

After films like “Mein Führer – Die wirklich wahrste Wahrheit über Adolf Hitler” (“My Führer – The Truly Truest Truth About Adolf Hitler”, 2006/07) and “Das Leben ist zu lang” (“Life Is Too Long”, 2009/10) Swiss-born writer-director Dani Levy has now turned his sights to the screwball family comedy genre for his latest project about a single mother on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who also has to cope with a gambling addict father, an irresponsible ex-husband – and exploding coffee machines to boot. Katharina Schüttler is cast as the musician Mimi, who finally has a chance to take her life and future into her own hands after her son secretly enters her for a casting show. But she hasn't reckoned that her family would want to come along to the show by hook or by crook. Who knows what surprises are in store for them during the journey.

Source: German Films Service & Marketing GmbH


Philbert Dy

Mimi (Katharina Schuttler) has a very difficult family: her son is hyperactive, her father is addicted to gambling, her ex-husband is a constantly stoned, has-been rocker, her mother is a drama queen, and her sister is just no help at all. Then, out of the blue, she gets a call that she’s been cast on a singing reality show call Second Chance. She is reluctant to join, since she has to take care of her son. But it may also be her last chance to follow her dreams of becoming a singer.
And so, The World of the Wunderlichs takes on the form of a road movie, following Mimi and her dysfunctional family as they try to make it to Switzerland for the show. And of course, things get wacky and complicated as her family’s problematic behavior emerges. And all this so she can get on a The Voice-like TV show to sing in front of an audience. A strong cast goes a long way in making this film palatable, but it doesn’t really work, even in concept. The family having to pull together in order to make an appearance on a reality show just isn’t a very strong premise when it all comes down to it. And the script doesn’t really give the characters enough depth to make their individual journeys feel like anything substantial.