Our commitment to German

Our commitment to German Photo: Panthermedia/Viktor Thaut

“Schulen: Partner der Zukunft (PASCH)” initiative

PASCH is a worldwide network connecting more than 1700 PASCH schools with a particular link to Germany. The Goethe-Institut acts as mentor to around 550 PASCH schools in the national education systems of over 100 countries.

German Alumni Portal

Alumniportal Deutschland is a social network to promote networking between alumni of Germany, companies, universities and organisations.


Goethe-Institut Manila

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
Juan, 2, 3, biyaheng Germany!

The Goethe-Institute offers help and advice that will help the Filipino migrants find their bearings in Germany.

2nd Deutscholympiade Asien Pazifik

Deutscholympiade Asien Pazifik

This year, the second Asia-Pacific-German Olympics will take place in Bogor, Indonesia. Apply now and be one of the six scholars to represent the Philippines in the games!