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Digital workshop

Digital Workshops for the Filmmakers

In the wake of Covid-19, we shifted most of our projects online, and we offered the digital workshops for the filmmakers as part of the program “FilmTalents II-Voices from Pakistan & Afghanistan”.
We have been having this program for last two years and have produced some amazing films as part of It, some of which made it to International Film Festival. This is the second co-hort of Film Talents.
Here is what our participants feel about the program!
  • Shumaila khan ©Goethe-institut Pakistan
    Shumaila Khan
  • Rahul Aijaz ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Rahul Aijaz
  • Soghra ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
  • Ahsan ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
  • Sidra Altaf ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Sidra Altaf
  • Musa Yawari ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Musa Yawari
  • Gulzar Nayani ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Gulzar Nayani
  • Masood Eslami ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Masood Eslami
  • Aroma ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
  • Razi Uddin ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Razi Uddin
  • Fareena ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
  • Nadeem Alkareemi ©Goethe-Institut Pakistan
    Nadeem Alkareemi