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For City Explorers

In 2008, the German graphic artist Reinhard Kleist spent a few weeks in Cuba researching his graphic novel on Fidel Castro. In the process, he also produced a multifaceted travelogue with drawings and sketches.

Extracts from "Havanna":

Reinhard Kleist: Havanna. A cuban journey Reinhard Kleist: "Havanna" Reinhard Kleist: Havanna. A cuban journey | © Reinhard Kleist

About the artist Reinhard Kleist:

Reinhard Kleist

When Reinhard Kleist draws, he tries to reproduce what he sees in a way that enables the viewer to develop a feeling for the place. From atmosphere and mood to things such as temperature.

Travelpedia: Havanna

  • Kleist: Bolivar Simon © Reinhard Kleist (Detail)
    Life in Havana takes place on the street. It is a nostalgic feeling, a magic that you can feel in the streets and Avenidas. Music, bargaining people, constant horns, gasoline and soot-laden air combine to create a very special charm.
  • Reinhard Kleist: Havanna. A cuban journey © Reinhard Kleist (Detail)
    Cuba is said to have the world's best auto mechanics. They are responsible for the oldie atmosphere on Havana's streets: around 60 years old and mostly high-gloss polished street cruisers dominate the cityscape. Almost every car on the Caribbean island was built before the 1959 revolution. Around 650,000 copies roll over the island.
  • Reinhard Kleist: Havanna. A cuban journey © Reinhard Kleist (Detail)
    Malecón - The waterfront connects Havana Vieja via Centro Havana and Vedado and ends in the Miramar district. Every evening, many habaneros gather here to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea and stroll along the Malecón with family and friends over a bottle of rum.
  • Reinhard Kleist: Havanna. A cuban journey © Reinhard Kleist (Detail)
    After the revolution, baseball remained the Cuban national sport. In February 1961, the new government founded the National Institute for Sports, Physical Education and Recreation. The season end of the Cubana League (1960/61) also meant the end of the professional league. An amateur championship was set up instead.

Thomas Hummitzsch on "Havanna"

‘Havanna’ is a rich, sensitive and insightful travelogue, a description of the mood and atmosphere of everyday life in the Cuban capital.


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Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

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