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Jens Harder

Jens Harder The comic artist and illustrator Jens Harder, born in Weißwasser in 1970, studied communication design at the art academy in Berlin-Weißensee. In 1999, he founded the artist group Monogatari with Ulli Lust, Mawil, Tim Dinter and others. In addition to drawn reports such as "Ticket to God", Harder has also produced fictional comics and has become known in recent years primarily for its compressed world history. In 2004, he received the 'Max and Moritz Prize' for Best German-language comic book publication for "Leviathan" and in 2010 for "Alpha".

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For me, the difference between travel photography and travel drawing is...
"... that I can be far more subjective and personal in my drawings, much more focused, I can highlight and leave out much more than in a photograph. Photographs for me are always just memories and working tools, something like a visual note; with the drawings, on the other hand, I tell a story."

When I draw...
"... I am fully focused and should not be distracted (my children are then met only by my ‘evil eye’ or with an angry hiss)."

On my ‘travels’ I have been inspired, above all...
"... by the drawings of 18th and 19th century naturalists and explorers, such as Georg Forster, Alexander von Humboldt or Ernst Haeckel; but also by today’s graphic journalism, the works of Olivier Kugler and Joe Sacco, for example."

I would like to go to...
"... Cape Canaveral to capture the start of the first humanoid robot for a mission to Mars in a few years."

My travel literature on my next trip will include...
"... Hanya Yanagihara’s ‘The People in the Trees’ that I have only just started and will finish on my forthcoming trip."

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