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Making friends in Bangalore

Sebastian Lörscher takes his readers on a colourful and exciting #Graphic Journey: Making Friends in Bangalore. "Mit dem Skizzenbuch in Indien" is the fourth book by the Berlin-based illustrator. With support from the Goethe-Institut Bangalore, he spent a month in 2011 in the South Indian IT city, and in the 2014 Edition, Büchergilde published his wonderful travel sketches.

Extracts from "Making friends in Bangalore":

Bangalore Making Friends in Bangalore © Sebastian Lörscher

About the artist Sebastian Lörscher:


As Sebastian Lörscher sat and drew on the streets in India, Haiti or Nigeria, people could look over his shoulder and ask what he was doing – and he could ask them questions, too. For him, drawing was always a door opener to the people and their stories.

Travelpedia: Bangalore

  • Making friends in Bangalore | Traffic © Sebastian Lörscher (Detail)
    Bangalore is known for its traffic chaos. The capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka is chronically congested. The streets are not in the best condition and are often flooded in the rainy season. Tens of thousands of rickshaws crackle and honk through the tough rush of cars, motorcycles, Vespas, buses, cows, elephants, trucks, carts and pedestrians.
  • Sebastian Lörscher: Making friends in Bangalore | Cricket © Sebastian Lörscher (Detail)
    What football means to Germans is cricket to Indians. Nowhere is the enthusiasm for the British ball game as great as in India. The duel between bowler and batsman can last several days on the subcontinent.
  • Sebastian Lörscher: Making friends in Bangalore | IT © Sebastian Lörscher (Detail)
    Boomtown Bangalore: The IT metropolis has experienced an incredible upswing in the past 20 years: Numerous technology companies from home and abroad have settled here thanks to the optimal conditions. Entire industrial parks are still being built today.

Barbara Buchholz on "Making friends in Bangalore"

Lörscher also allows readers to share his sometimes surprising, sometimes curious experiences using graphic tricks."


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Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

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Graphic Travelogues Graphik: Dominik Wendland © Goethe-Institut New Delhi

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Graphic Travelogues presents travel experiences by comic artists from different countries, illuminates and identifies recurring topics. From sketches to graphic novels, graphic diaries and travel drawings, we collect treasures here and question concepts and motivations, techniques and experiences.