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Film Talents Voice from Sri Lanka and Pakistan © Goethe-Institut

Mentorshop Programme for Film Makers
Film Talents - Voices from Sri Lanka and Pakistan

Express yourself through the art of film and create your own stories with the help and guidance of Till Passow. This Project is funded by the Goethe-Institut Sri Lanka and Pakistan and hopes to encourage young emerging filmmakers from Sri Lanka and Pakistan to pursue a career in the art of filmmaking.

The application process for the mentorship programme has now concluded. We will be in touch directly with successful applicants.

With the help of various mentors, partners and trainers from different countries, the filmmakers are trained in the different aspects of filmmaking. This includes, for example, developing a film project, writing a script, implementing the idea, producing a trailer and pitching and presenting their project. The programme aims to improve career opportunities for young filmmakers both locally and internationally.

With the support of our mentors, this programme will help young filmmakers develop their own storytelling methods and break through to international festivals. In today's world, the art of film is a tool to connect people through stories. The demographically young population in South Asian countries has a great potential of talent for creative productions that address local social issues.