art and public space in Pakistan © Goethe-Institut Pakistan

October 15 - December 15, 2016

As part of the project series “Urbanities – art and public space in Pakistan” and in collaboration with the Lahore Biennale Foundation and Vasl Artists' Collective, the Goethe-Institut Pakistan invited Germany-based artists Miro Craemer and Honi Ryan, and the Pakistani duo Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani to engage with Karachi and Lahore as sites of urban exploration and artistic research in a living & work space residency.

The artwork/artistic research created during the residency is presented in installations, performances, and exhibitions in Karachi and Lahore in the scope of “Urbanities”. The final show takes place at the URBANITIES exhibition during the Symposium CITY IN CONTEXT at Alhamra Arts Gallery, December 1-4, 2016, Lahore.

Honi Ryan

Honi Ryan is a performance and installation artist working with a nomadic social practice. Building relationships as art works, Ryan creates interactions between people and places that take place in everyday environments. Ryan collaborates with people to activate performances that use mindful techniques as performative guidelines to shift our awareness in our routine spaces.
Ryan was born in Australia and lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She has performed, exhibited and presented her projects in more than 10 countries and in various publications over the past decade. Ryan was valedictorian of Sydney College of the Arts for her honours thesis in 2008, and graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Practice from the Transart Institute, Berlin and NY in 2015.
During her residency in Lahore, she aims to carry out a series of walking performances and conversational works in public space. On November 23, 2016 she will install a temporary footpath along Kasuri road as an act of action research into sharing space. She also hosts a group walk on Friday, December 2, 2016 in Lahore, sign-up on Thursday, December 1 at the Symposium CITY IN CONTEXT. Her works will be documented and on display at the exhibition URBANITIES at Alhmara Arts Gallery, Lahore.

Honi Ryan is hosted by the Lahore Biennale Foundation in Lahore

Miro Craemer

Miro Craemer is a fashion and social designer. He studied theater, arts, psycholinguistics and literature at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and worked for over 15 years as a designer of riding sport accessories and high fashion. Craemer has been collaborating with visual artists, musicians and choreographers for various arts projects and exhibitions.

Oscillating between art and fashion, Craemer is concerned with social issues, which he expresses in his works through the manipulation of fabric and leather. His latest project, “TOGETTHERE_fACTory” took place at the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich as a performance piece addressing the refugee crisis in Germany. His fashion and culture label "Miro Craemer" is presented in his showroom in Munich's renowned Maximilian Street.

For his artistic research project in Karachi, he takes a special interest in the Baldia factory fire in 2012, attempting to translate personal tragedies, traditional handcrafts, social awareness, and global market mechanisms into an artwork. His project CORD OF DESIRES will be on display in Karachi on November 22, 24, and 25, 2016, and at the exhibition URBANITIES at Alhmara Arts Gallery, Lahore.

Miro Cramer is hosted by Vasl Artists' Collective in Karachi

On special invitation by Vasl, the Pakistani artist duo Shahana Rajani & Zahra Malkani are continuing their ongoing artistic research project on the mega-development project Bahria Town at the peripheries of Karachi and its impact on the ruination of landscape and degraded ecologies. The artists have worked together on several other projects, among them the Karachi Art Anti-University which they co-founded. Both teach at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Their work will be presented in a lecture performance on Thursday, December 1, at the Symposium CITY IN CONTEXT and the exhibition URBANITIES at Alhmara Arts Gallery, Lahore.

The artist residencies take place in the framework of “Urbanities – art and public space in Pakistan”, a critical exploration of the urban.