Film Screening KINO I Ciné-Mardi

Was bleibt - Film © Pandora Film

Tue, 25.06.2019

Goethe-Institut Kigali

13, Avenue Paul VI/KN 27 Street Kiyovu
P.B. 6889 Kigali

Was bleibt

Director: Hans-Christian Schmid, 2012, colour, 88 min

A family that seems fine on the surface, an extended weekend in the summer - afterwards, nothing will ever be as it was. Günther and Gitte live in a grand house out in the country and are looking forward to their son Marko's visit, who's bringing along their grandson Zowie from Berlin. The kids have made something of themselves:
Marko may be embarking on a career as a writer; his brother Jakob runs a local, modern dental clinic. Everything seems orderly and secure - until Gitte, who has been suffering from depression for many years, claims she has recovered and has stopped taking her medication. The other family members see this as a threat to their interests, the facade of the apparently happy family crumbles, and Grandmother disappears.