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Lina Fischer: Product Development in the Sense of the Circular Economy

Lina Fischer: Product Development in the Sense of the Circular Economy
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Lina Fischer is an Industrial Designer at Diez Office in Munich, Germany. Diez Office designs and develops products for everyday use, focusing in particular on the potential of the circular economy.  Their practice is characterised by innovation through technical expertise, instinct and a great passion for experimentation.

The topic of the Circular Economy has been on the agenda of Diez Office for several years, influencing the development of its design processes. The Circular Design Guidelines that Stefan Diez published in 2021 serve as a basis for the work in his studio and intend to summarise the most important points in the design of sustainable products.

Moving towards a circular economy requires a rethinking of the approach to the design process and a shared desire between designer and manufacturer to think and do things differently than before. Focusing on two projects that were developed in collaboration with the company Wagner Living, the daily work at Diez Office and the approach to design processes will be shown throughout the talk.

Date: Friday, January 28th 2022
Time: 20:00 – 20:45
Location: the Architecture and Design Commission (ADC) venue at SDF. https://goo.gl/maps/MRLi1nzViyEzEvEs7