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German Film Festival x KinoFest | 19.10.-04.11.2023

Elaha © Christopher Behrmann Kinescope Film 2023


Year 2023
Runtime 110 min
Rating M18
Language Kurdish, German
Subtitles English
Director Milena Aboyan
Producer Matthias Greving
Screenwriter Milena Aboyan, Constantin Hatz
Cinematographer Christopher Behrmann
Cast Derya Dilber, Derya Durmaz, Emre Kubat

Elaha believes she must restore her virginity before she marries Nasim, only she cannot afford reconstruction surgery. Torn between different cultures, her love for her family, and her own beliefs, the twenty-two year old navigates the pressures and expectations of patriarchy and being a perfect daughter, while asking herself: does she have to be a virgin anyway, and for whom?



2023  Berlin International Film Festival
Nominee Compass-Perspektive Award: Best Film, Milena Aboyan
2023 Crossing Europe Filmfestival
Nominee YAAAS! Competition: YAAAS! Youth Jury Award, Milena Aboyan

2023 New Faces Awards, Germany
Winner New Faces Award: Actress, Bayan Layla
Winner New Faces Award: Director, Milena Aboyan



Elaha will be screened at The Projector, on Fri 3 Nov at 8:30 pm.