136 GOETHE: A New Space for the Arts

13 Apr 2021 Recognizing the importance of physical spaces for the arts in a dense urban environment, the Goethe-Institut Singapore welcomes members of the arts community to its project space 136 GOETHE for new partnerships and shared initiatives.

Press Release 136 GOETHE (PDF)

German Film Festival 2020

​9 Oct 2020 Against all odds, the Festival’s 24th edition is back with the latest film productions from Germany and Switzerland to be showcased in Singapore for the very first time. From 15 October until 1 November 2020, we will be screening live at The Projector and on demand with The Projector Plus.

Press Release German Film Festival 2020

Sound of X: Listen Closely

19 Jun 2020 How can we reconnect with the spaces we live in, especially in the wake of the corona pandemic, which has forced people all over the world into isolation? Musicians and artists of Sound of X propose answers: using sounds, noises and acoustics as the basis for their urban re-imaginations, they explored their sonic environment. The resulting video soundscapes offer a unique way to reconnect with the cities we live in.

Press Release Sound of X