136 Goethe Lab

136 GOETHE Main © Goethe-Institut The Goethe-Institut Singapore understands the importance of physical spaces for the arts in a dense urban environment and welcomes artists and cultural practitioners to its new project space 136 GOETHE LAB.

Purpose-built space
Once library and reading room, the souterrain space in the historic shophouse on Neil Road has been transformed. At about 100sqm (1076sqft), equipped with professional sound and lighting, and with a separate access point on Bukit Pasoh Road, it lends itself to multiple functions and uses, be it workshops, performances, or exhibitions.

136 GOETHE chonteng hoch © Goethe-Institut. Mural: Rizman Putra Collaborative approach
The opening of a project space on the current premises of the Goethe-Institut Singapore and its open-ended concept are the result of an ongoing conversation with partners, audiences and representatives of the arts community of Singapore. Throughout 2020, a number of surveys and evaluations were conducted, including a series of sharing sessions with nearly 40 practitioners from different disciplines including theatre, dance, music, visual arts, literature and critical writing.

Initial programming
As a first intervention, artist Rizman Putra created a chonteng (Malay for doodle) at 136 GOETHE LAB. Lines, dots and patterns extend from the floor across the walls to the ceiling of the entrance landing. Through the transparent floor coating part of the work will become permanent. 

Call for Collaboration

We would like to invite the public, the arts community of Singapore and everyone who is interested in intercultural collaboration and innovative practices to engage in and access 136 GOETHE LAB.

An open-ended and a process oriented approach in terms of what this space will become and can provide in the future is fully intended. The meaning and utilisation of the space shall be as much defined by its users and visitors, by artists and independent cultural practitioners, as by the Goethe-Institut Singapore.

136 GOETHE Han-Song Hiltmann & Valerie-Ann Tan hoch Han-Song Hiltmann & Valerie-Ann Tan © Goethe-Institut The utilisation of the space will be part of our ongoing programming. It is our idea to provide a platform which allows openness and meaningful engagements, with the intention that these engagements will shape the constitution and meaning of the space. We provide our own framework, our institutional expertise, our support and our resources, while we explore ways of shared ownership, collaborative modes of working and opportunities that allow new ideas and practices to unfold for a space of innovation and experimentation.
In this sense the Goethe-Institut Singapore means and hopes for this project space to be the start of an ongoing conversation with the public and arts community of Singapore.

Get in touch!

The engagement of the public and the arts scene is as important as our own programming to create a meaningful space. Please reach out to us if you are interested in collaborative projects, innovative contemporary practices and international exchange in the arts.