What we do

As the globally active cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany, we advocate for understanding between Germany, Europe and the world. The framework agreement with the German Federal Foreign Office is the foundation for this work. Worldwide, we provide information about the cultural and societal diversity of Germany and Europe. 158 Goethe-Institutes in 98 countries together with numerous partner institutions form the basis of our global network. The Federal Foreign Office supports our work institutionally. As a registered charity we operate autonomously on a legally independent basis and are not affiliated to any political party. We generate around a third of our revenue ourselves through income from language courses and examinations. We also receive support from the European Union (EU), further German federal ministries as well as foundations and companies in Germany and abroad.

We contribute to establishing the German language in the educational systems of the guest countries. We support over 100,000 schools worldwide in giving high-quality German tuition and promote the advanced professional training and qualification of teachers of German. Furthermore, we offer languages courses ranging from general German courses to prevocational language courses and seminars to raise societal and cultural awareness. Our services include online courses and autonomous learning programs. Every year more than half a million people sit a German examination at a Goethe-Institut or one of our cooperation partners. With a wide range of educational and information programs, we support in particular students and skilled workers from abroad on their route to Germany. 

We believe in the potential of international cultural exchange. Our approximately 20,000 cultural events per year take place in partnership with governmental and non-governmental institutions and initiatives from civil society in our guest countries. We qualify, advise and interlink cultural professionals and support the development of sustainable structures in the cultural and creative economy by advanced training measures for cultural entrepreneurs or the internationalization of creative companies. With our residence programs, partnerships and co-productions, we promote the networking of cultural professionals around the globe. We offer stakeholders from civil society a protected space and scope for a sincere exchange of views. We do not break off democratic dialogue, even in difficult times. In our work we orientate ourselves towards the values of a democratic, liberal society governed by the rule of law.

Via our digital information and educational programs in more than 60 languages and a network with 95 libraries, we offer a space to learn, meet up and participate. We use innovative technologies, seize the opportunities of digitalization and, at the same time, reflect on their implications for people and society. Through diverse formats such as information trips for multipliers, specialist exchange between experts, youth exchange programs and international festivals we enable communication on a worldwide basis.

Goethe-Institut Singapore © Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut Singapore

The Goethe-Institut Singapore is open to everyone.

We value collaborative ways of engagement based on a strong sense of partnership and long term commitment with an interest in intercultural and transnational exchange.

Our language courses are suitable for people of all ages to study German at all levels. We certify German language proficiency with our exams programme. We offer teaching materials and further training for German teachers. As the world’s leading German language Institut we act as a consulting agency for companies, schools, universities and public institutions.

We promote and enable cultural exchange and international collaboration in the arts, bilaterally between Singapore and Germany and multilaterally between Germany, Europe and Southeast Asia.

Our programming covers contemporary practices in all areas of the arts. We value innovative, critical and experimental engagements beyond the mainstream and we recognise the diversity of perspectives as an added value. Our initiatives address contemporary issues, while acknowledging the important impact of the arts and culture on public discourse. Our current focus areas are How the New Emerges, Cultures of Equality and Ecology and Sustainable Development.

Our staff and partners value collaborative approaches to initiating and implementing projects. We engage in mutual dialogue throughout the process: from the initial idea to discussions about different types of events, the selection of artists, performers and speakers, funding, organisation and promotion.

Our events take place in German or English either at the Goethe-Institut, online or at our collaborators, depending on the target audience and form of collaboration.

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What we believe in

Our activities and programme choices are based on the conviction that art and culture are valuable and meaningful in themselves.

We believe in artistic freedom, the intrinsic value of the arts, their non-utilitarian nature, their added value through their “surplus of meaning” and the important of the arts for social discourse. We believe that dialogue and different perspectives and opinions create value.

As part of the arts ecosystem in Singapore, we also recognise and respect the ways of being and modes of operation of the community in which we are based.