Gender Hierachy © Foto Courtesy of Colossa


  • 24.10.
    - 10.11.2019

    German Film Festival 2019

    Film Screening

    In the Festival’s 23rd edition, a selection of the latest films from Germany and Europe will be screened over three weeks.

  • 09.11.

    Singapore Writers Festival 2019: Women, Economy and Power

    5:00 PM - The Arts House | Panel Discussion

    German journalist Tanja Brandes discusses in the panel what it takes to truly empower women economically, and takes a closer look at the relationship between gender, technology, and the economy.

  • 10.11.

    Singapore Writers Festival 2019: Lessons from the Horror of History

    12:00 PM - The Arts House | Mini Lecture

    In this mini lecture, German journalist Tanja Brandes outlines why revealing past atrocities is a significant part of educating readers of today.

  • 22.11.
    - 21.12.2019

    bauhaus imaginista x Singapore

    Objectifs: Centre for Photography and Film | Exhibition

    Exhibition of Bauhaus's influence in the world, including how the school shaped Singapore's landscape through photographs by Jeremy San.