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Sun and Concrete
German Film Festival x KinoFest | 19.10.-04.11.2023

Sun and Concrete © Constantin Film Verleih

Sun and Concrete

Sonne und Beton

Year 2023
Runtime 119 min
Rating M18
Language German
Subtitles English
Director David Wnendt
Producer Fabian Gasmia, David Wnendt
Screenwriter David Wnendt, Felix Lobrecht
Cinematographer Jieun Yi
Cast Levy Rico Arcos, Riad Chemali, Rafael Luis Klein-Heßling

Between rap, drugs, violence, and the boredom of a boiling hot summer, four friends Lukas, Julius, Gino, and Sanchez embark on a nerve-wracking adventure. Directed by David Wnendt and based on Felix Lobrecht’s much-lauded autobiographical novel, the film is a love letter to Berlin’s Neukölln district, written and signed in social realities, slang, and urban poetry.



2023 German Film Awards
Nominee Film Award in Gold: Outstanding Feature Film (Bester Spielfilm)
Nominee Film Award in Gold: Best Screenplay (Bestes Drehbuch)
Nominee Film Award in Gold: Best Editing (Bester Schnitt)
Nominee Film Award in Gold: Best Sound (Beste Tongestaltung)

2023 New Faces Awards, Germany
Winner New Faces Award: Levy Rico Arcos



Sun and Concrete will be screened at The Projector, on Thu 19 Oct at 8:00 pm, and on Wed 25 Oct at 7:30 pm.

On Wed, 25 Oct, after the 7:30 pm screening, there will be a post-screening Q&A with the hugely-popular comedian, podcast host, instagram star, and author of the much-lauded autobiographical novel Sun & Concrete, Felix Lobrecht; and the award-winning director David Wnendt, known for his high-octane bestseller adaptations. 

The post-screening Q&A on Wed, 25 Oct is presented with support of the German Embassy in Singapore.
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