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The Goethe-Institut brings the German language into the world: we offer German courses and exams in more than 90 countries. You can practise German free of charge with our diverse selection of online exercises and in the Community. Find out about opportunities for professional development and materials for German teachers (DaF/DaZ).

German courses A1–C2

Learn German in a Goethe-Institut German course – in Thailand, in Germany or online.

German exams

Document your language proficiency by taking a Goethe-Institut German exam.

Teaching German

The Goethe-Institut is the world's leading provider of professional development for German teachers. We offer you a comprehensive programme – in Thailand, in Germany or via distance learning.

Practise German free of charge

You can benefit from our diverse online opportunities covering language levels A1–C2.

Our commitment to German

The Goethe-Institut is committed to the German language all over the world

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Topical articles about learning and teaching German as a foreign language


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EDDU | Erfolgreich Digital Deutsch unterrichten © Goethe-Institut

EDDU | Erfolgreich Digital Deutsch unterrichten

Bei EDDU findet ihr Unterrichtsideen zum Einsatz von Chat-Apps, sozialen Medien, Videos, Fotos und anderen digitalen Tool zu den Themen, die in eurem Lehrwerk vorkommen und die eure Schüler und Schülerinnen interessieren.