“Untitled 2” by 1010

"Untitled 2" by 1010© 1010, Photo: Aim Pé
As part of the Montreal Mural Festival in June 2017, the German street artist 1010 (ten ten) from Hamburg painted this work on the back wall of the McCord Museum in downtown Montreal. Since 2012, this artistic festival in Montreal has produced more than 80 murals across the city, bringing together street artists, musicians as well as other artists from all around the world in an effort to make these unique works of urban art accessible to everyone. With its increasing popularity, the festival now attracts over 1 million visitors. There are guided tours to the various artworks throughout the summer, an online shop for the merchandise and an exhibition in collaboration with 16 galleries, publishers and collectives. The fact that 1010 has been chosen to contribute to this great festival with his art, shows how highly regarded he is in the street art scene. In our artbits series "German Artists" we already presented 1010 and one of his Murals in Los Angeles: https://www.goethe.de/ins/ca/de/kul/sup/sab/utt.html