This page is a deep dive into the work behind our blog. Our city tours are about street art in urban centers like Los Angeles, Montreal, Mexico, and Washington, D.C. Individual series are dedicated to the “tag” as the original form of street art, the world of celebrities, and mistakes and happy accidents.

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FAILE Dreams © FAILE, Photo: Lord Jim While the pun alone would be reason enough, it is their method of appropriating, deconstructing and recombining familiar images into a collage of mythmaking puzzles and idiosyncratic friends that tethers the artist collective FAILE to the (intended or unintended) breakdown of processes that we are also investigating in our FEHLER magazine.

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Pretty Ugly

"Traincharmachameleon“ by Goodloe Byron © Goodloe Byron, Photo: Mike Maguire #artbits pretty ugly. Looking for the unsightly within the familiar we found some nice and notably nasty artbits. But what is ugly anyway– isn’t it always in the eye of the beholder?

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Words As Art

"Seizure" by Rylsee "Seizure" by Rylsee | © Rylsee. Photo: Marc Macguire In the beginning was the tag. Long before the invention of the hashtag, letterings already formed the basis of street art, and had a very similar function. Often difficult to decipher for untrained eyes, they are pseudonyms, mottos or battle cries. Many of the series on Artbits feature examples of this, but for this collection dedicated solely to words, we went specifically in search of great examples of art made from words.

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City Tours

México: Cultura y sociedad que renace © Daniel Espinoza Cisne What would cities be without art in their streets? You can’t really say anymore, so inseparable are the works of art from the cityscape. The reverse is also true, which is why we have portrayed the cities of our continent in a series of snapshots. More will follow, we promise!

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Well-known Faces

"Untitled" von Smithe © Smithe, Photo: Nesa Fröhlich We have compiled some great examples of well-known personalities as the subject of street art for you. It was important to us that these are really worldwide known people, whose importance goes beyond the daily events.