Abstract art, TV personalities, outer space, and water were the themes that inspired our bloggers to create the series in this section. In addition, we have dedicated a series to artwork by German artists in North American cities.

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“Luna Park” by C215 “Luna Park” by C215 | © C215, Photo: Luna Park Cats are pop culture, no question about it. No Twitter feed without a conciliatory four-legged timeline cleanser and Instagram would make no sense at all without them. We in the Artbits editorial team are now also trying to profit from the enormous popularity of the stubborn animals. Keyword positive image transfer. The choice of this motif was easy. Because street artists have long jumped on the cat bandwagon, beautiful motifs were not hard to find. So here is our overview with works from Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Mexico and New York.

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Goer & Rebis Goer & Rebis | © Goer, RebisFoto: Luna Park Grafitti on (freight) trains is a familiar sight in landscapes around the world. With millions of freight cars on the rails, there is a seemingly endless supply of canvases on which to paint. As freight trains often travel across borders, freight graffiti can be seen in Mexico and Canada as well as in the United States. We have collected some nice examples of these in our series on Trains.

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„The Swimmers“ by James Bullough „The Swimmers“ by James Bullough | © James Bullough, Foto: Mike Macguire Liquid, flowing, cold, warm, volatile, almost always hard to grasp, valuable but cheap(free in Montreal), sometimes too little or way too much, clean for cleaning or terribly dirty, leaded chlorinated salted distilled evaporated and therefore or nevertheless predestined to get its own series in our Artbits blog: Water. The mystical element that everyone likes but only appreciates when it's missing. Stories about water can be fun, funny, tragic or informative - and so our little series about the liquid element has become just as diverse - with contributions from Canada, Germany, Mexico and the USA.

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As Seen On TV

Seinfeld © Will Data (Greve), photo: Luna Park Television - This parallel world, both hated and loved, has shaped the last century, bringing joy and sorrow, stupification and enlightenment, suspense and relaxation to the masses. It has turned ordinary people into larger-than-life heroes and shrunk important personalities into patsies. Very real history was reinterpreted and utopian futures were dreamed of. Their protagonists are better known than some world leaders and are part of public conversation like neighbors or colleagues. To them we dedicate our series about people you only know from television, although they are very real. One exception is Cleo from the Mexican film Roma, but she too is a reality. The others - Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Vance and John Oliver - are television versions of themselves, which makes their depiction in street art all the more appealing.

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In Space

"Star Mylar Baloon" © fanakapan, Photo: Lord Jim Space. The final frontier. A theme that not only inspires the imagination in literature and film. Also in street art, the dream of distant worlds is implemented in a creative way. Here we present some examples.

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"Untitled 2" by 1010 "Untitled 2" by 1010 | © 1010, Photo: Aim Pé Dots, dashes, lines, curves, planes, cubes, trapezoids. Abstract art is found equally on the street and in galleries. It touches the viewer in its own way and can give a new context to the environment or enrich it with an aesthetic facet. Therefore, cheers to the non-objective art of the street, to which this series is dedicated.

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German Artists

"Striving for Truth" by Herakut © Herakut, Photo: Lord Jim In street art, the artists usually work under a pseudonym, the works are what’s important. The origin of the creators is secondary. Nevertheless, our bloggers found it interesting to track down works by artists of German origin in their cities.​

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