Picture of a buff at Tiki Seafood 7th Ecke Q Street NW in Washington, DC


© Verena Hütter


Urban public spaces are canvases for street art. They reveal the political and social discourse of the city. The #artbits bloggers collect photos of street art from Germany and North America, from Berlin, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Ausschnitt Los Angeles Mural by Tristan Eaton
Artist: Tristan Eaton, Photo ©Lord Jim

Snapshot: Los Angeles

“Luna Park” by C215
© C215, Photo: Luna Park


Train in the desert
© Unknown, Photo: Lord Jim


"Au fil de l'eau" by Phillip Adams
© Phillip Adams commissioned by MU. Photo: K. Klawitter


"John Oliver" by Peter Carroll (Pet Bird)
© HBO; manipulated by Peter Carroll, Photo: Lord Jim

As Seen On TV

"You Go Girl“ by Hugo Gyrl
© Hugo Gyrl, Photo: Luna Park

Queer as Artsy Folk