Picture of a buff at Tiki Seafood 7th Ecke Q Street NW in Washington, DC


© Verena Hütter


Urban public spaces are canvases for street art. They reveal the political and social discourse of the city. The #artbits bloggers collect photos of street art from Germany and North America, from Berlin, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Mural by Meaghan Toohey
© Meaghan Toohey, Photo: Mike Maguire

New Murals in Washington, D.C.

Train in the desert
© Unknown, Photo: Lord Jim


"Au fil de l'eau" by Phillip Adams
© Phillip Adams commissioned by MU. Photo: K. Klawitter


"John Oliver" by Peter Carroll (Pet Bird)
© HBO; manipulated by Peter Carroll, Photo: Lord Jim

As Seen On TV

"You Go Girl“ by Hugo Gyrl
© Hugo Gyrl, Photo: Luna Park

Queer as Artsy Folk