As Seen On TV

Seinfeld© Will Data (Greve), photo: Luna Park
Television - This parallel world, both hated and loved, has shaped the last century, bringing joy and sorrow, stupification and enlightenment, suspense and relaxation to the masses. It has turned ordinary people into larger-than-life heroes and shrunk important personalities into patsies. Very real history was reinterpreted and utopian futures were dreamed of. Their protagonists are better known than some world leaders and are part of public conversation like neighbors or colleagues. 

“The suspicion that the reality you serve up is not what it claims to be will grow.”
– Theodor W. Adorno

To them we dedicate our series about people you only know from television, although they are very real. One exception is Cleo from the Mexican film Roma, but she too is a reality. The others - Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Vance and John Oliver - are television versions of themselves, which makes their depiction in street art all the more appealing.
"John Oliver" by Peter Carroll (Pet Bird)
© HBO; manipulated by Peter Carroll, Photo: Lord Jim
Jim Vance by Aniekan Udofia
© Mural by Aniekan Udofia, Photo: Mike Maguire
© Will Data (Greve), photo: Luna Park