„The Swimmers“ by James Bullough© James Bullough, Foto: Mike Macguire
Liquid, flowing, cold, warm, volatile, almost always hard to grasp, valuable but cheap(free in Montreal), sometimes too little or way too much, clean for cleaning or terribly dirty, leaded chlorinated salted distilled evaporated and therefore or nevertheless predestined to get its own series in our Artbits blog: Water. The mystical element that everyone likes but only appreciates when it's missing. Stories about water can be fun, funny, tragic or informative - and so our little series about the liquid element has become just as diverse - with contributions from Canada, Germany, Mexico and the USA.
“Vício” by Zezão
© Zezão, Photo: Luna Park
„Reflect and Inspire“ von Marcel "Sel" Blanco
© Marcel "Sel" Blanco, Photo: Lord Jim
„The Swimmers“ by James Cullough
© James Cullough, Foto: Mike Macguire
"Au fil de l'eau" by Phillip Adams
© Phillip Adams commissioned by MU. Photo: K. Klawitter
First artistic intervention by the Asamblea on the wall of the Avenida Aztecas 215 site. March 2016.
© Photo: Asamblea General de los Pueblos, Barrios, Colonias y Pedregales de Coyoacán