"Magnetismo“ by Hech Uno

Hech Uno "Magnetismo“© Hech Uno, Photo: Sehr Bueno


Hech Uno is from Tlaxcala and has made a name for himself in urban art with his work that makes strong references to comics, cubism, and 3D effects: “I began doing graffiti at the age of 17, and my main influences are from Mexico City and Guadalajara, for example Smoke, Peque, Atrium SF, BRS, and from abroad, such as McKlein from Berlin”, he says. In 2008 he co-founded the project Creatividad Continua (Ce2 Crew) in which he uses his creativity with its pronounced links to Mexican folklore.
Hech Uno navigates between the figurative and the surreal, creating murals that depict human figures – often women’s faces – that are altered by geometric figures, exploiting elements such as animals and clothing that immediately call Mexico to mind: “My style is focused principally on the human figure, and above all women’s faces, into which I incorporate elements of high contrast and defragmentation”, he said.


Currently the street is the essence of urban art. However, because of its aesthetic and avant-garde quality I believe it is possible to adapt it for museums and galleries.

Hech Uno

Hech Uno Hech Uno live | © Sehr Bueno When we think about life, the first thing that occurs to us is Mother Nature, a female entity who not only gave us life but also provides us with what we need to survive, and who when our end comes takes our body back to where it began, to its genesis in her arms. Today, in our macho world, we should applaud when the concept of a woman is exalted as something powerful, and as something diverse that manages to liberate itself from the standards of beauty laid down in magazines.
As a way of celebrating life and femininity, the Mexican artist Hech Uno made an artistic intervention on a wall of the Urban Art Hall in Germany that depicts the face of a woman with red lips who is looking toward the horizon, with hands and geometric figures adorning a wall that is green as water.

This work is called Magnetismo (Magnetism), a mural on which we see a girl who is playing with her hands and manipulating her reality, unraveling the background and interacting with three spheres. Hech’s work is focused mainly on female figures, so this piece is unlikely to be any exception; “In Magnetismo I use color and elements such as the face, hands, and geometric figures to represent the source of life”, he explains.

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