CYCLE UP! International Poster Competition 2024

International Student Poster Competition 2024 © CYCLE UP!

Join the CYCLE UP! International Poster Competition 2024 and use your creativity to tackle important issues around sustainable urban mobility. We want original artworks that capture the essence that cycling is for everyone.

The best posters will be displayed in an international exhibition at the Goethe-Instituts in Prague and Tallinn and the winning poster will be used to promote European Peace Ride activities in 2024. Throughout history as well as today, the European Peace Ride promotes cooperation and addresses social issues through cycling and culture.
Your poster should reflect the idea that cycling is for everyone and highlight the importance of sustainable urban mobility for our cities. Show the joy of cycling, its positive impact on mental health, and its role in promoting European unity through cultural activities.
And here's the exciting part – as well as having your poster on display at our exhibitions, you could score a trip to the Pochen Biennale in Chemnitz and there are prizes worth up to 300 EUR as well. Let’s shape urban mobility through arts and culture!
Selection Criteria

We're looking for innovative and impactful posters that not only showcase your artistic talent but also address crucial issues related to sustainable urban mobility. Here are the criteria we'll be considering when selecting the winning designs:

  1. Creativity and Originality:
    - We're seeking fresh and original ideas that creatively address the importance of sustainable urban mobility.
    - Your artwork should stand out and capture the essence of cycling being inclusive and for everyone.
  2. Alignment with Theme:
    - Posters should effectively convey the idea that cycling is a universal activity and emphasize the significance of sustainable urban mobility.
    - The design should reflect the joy of cycling, its positive impact on mental health, and its role in promoting European unity through cultural activities.
  3. Message Clarity:
    - The message of the poster should be clear and easily understandable, conveying the importance of sustainable urban mobility to a broad audience.
  4. Artistic Quality:
    - High-quality artistic execution, including visual appeal, composition, and attention to detail, will be considered in the evaluation process.
  5. Potential for Impact:
    - Consideration will be given to the potential impact of the poster in raising awareness about sustainable urban mobility and inspiring positive change.
  6. Feasibility for Events:
    - Designs should be adaptable for use in various European Peace Ride activities and for a poster exhibition.

Competition Timeline


Competition launch 30.01.2024
Deadline for application 13.03.2024
Jury process to decide winners 18.03 – 22.03.2024
Informing winners 25.03-28.03.2024
Exhibition of winning artworks May – June 2024
European Peace Ride September 2024
Pochen Biennale September 2024

Who can participate

The competition is open to:

How to apply and submission requirements

Read the

Complete the application form and upload one artwork.
  • The submitted posters should be in portrait format, either JPG (5000 x 7070 px, 72 dpi, RGB) or PDF (A1, 200 dpi, CMYK). The maximum file size allowed is 10 MB. 
  • Only digital submissions will be accepted.
  • A maximum of 1 entry per person is permitted.
  • Already published works and plagiarisms are excluded from participation.
  • The design must be easily translated into a variety of mediums. 
  • There is no entry fee to participate.


Finalists with the highest scores from the jury will be selected as winners. The jury will consist of members of the CYCLE UP! curatorial board, members of the European Peace Ride team and Goethe-Institut colleagues.

First prize: A trip to the Pochen Biennale, Chemnitz, Germany plus your design will be used to promote European Peace Ride activities in Pilsen, Czechia in September 2024*
Second prize: 300 EUR
Third prize: 150 EUR

*See the terms and conditions for exact details on the prizes.

For runners up:
The project submissions will be evaluated by an international jury, and they will select 20 of the best posters to be exhibited at participating Goethe-Instituts, and on Goethe-Institut websites, after the winners have been announced.


As the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany, they promote cultural exchange, education, and social discourse. They support the teaching and learning of the German language and provide information worldwide about the cultural and social diversity of Germany and Europe. 

For more information:

European Peace Ride
The International Peace Race, also called Course de la Paix, was the most watched amateur cycling event behind the Iron Curtain. At its peak, it was even compared to the famous Tour de France.

First held in 1952, it ran annually across Eastern Europe and used Chemnitz, or Karl-Marx-Stadt at the time, as a stop several times. The aim of the race was to counteract the tensions of the Cold War with a peaceful message that sport unites people. In 2006 it was held in this form for the last time.

Now called the European Peace Ride (EPR), from September 12th to September 15th, 2024, the EPR will go over 570 km with 6000 m altitude from Bad Ischl - European Capital of Culture/Salzkammergut 2024 - over 3 stages to Chemnitz - Capital of Culture 2025.

A total of 200 participants from different countries will take on the challenge and set an example for peace together as a large peloton. This is an unforgettable cultural and sporting event.

For more information:

Ex Oriente Ignis - Pochen Biennale 2024

“As we step into the darkness of a bright screen within the Pochen Biennale, we will gaze into the reflections of the world cast by the upcoming fire - and welcome artistic research into current pyropolitics of Europe, experiment with an open fire of multiple Easts, phosphorescent geographies, strobe identities, gaslighting economies, necropoesis of war, and the burnout of the Yalta-Potsdam system."

The Pochen Biennale explores transformations: Since 2018, it has been a unique interdisciplinary and multimedia exhibition format in Chemnitz.

The result of this exploration is this a four-week Biennale titled "Ex Oriente Ignis" (The Fire Comes from the East) featuring over 20 international artworks and a youth exhibition. The media art exhibition curated by Serge Klymko includes video works, performances, sound installations, and interventions. To mediate the topic local young people are invited to participate in the parallel youth exhibition. The accompanying program consists of events and formats, providing artistic, civil society, and scientific perspectives. 

For more information:


Adele Newman / Goethe-Institut