Germany - Berlin

Berlin © Colourbox Berlin  
  • Organiser: Czech Centre Berlin
  • Residency partner: ZK/U Berlin
  • Duration of residency: August to September 2024 (2 months)
  • Financial contribution: 3.000 EUR (fixed; this includes living costs for 2 months and IPRs
  • Travel costs: 400 EUR (up to given limit - based on real costs; one round trip)
  • Accommodation, studio & facilities for creative work: provided by residency partner
  • Residency partner statement: The artist is invited to explore the urban structures and culture of cycling in Berlin. This has a long tradition in the city, even if politics still struggles to accept and promote it as the most sustainable mode of transport. We will provide the artist with insights into the future of mobility, politics of craftsmanship, and critical repair. We can also provide recycled bicycle material, if required.
  • Outcome focus: intervention in public space, installation, video-performance, conceptual photography.
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