Czechia - Prague

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  • Organiser: Czech Centres
  • Residency partner: MeetFactory
  • Duration of residency: mid of August to mid of September 2024 (1 month)
  • Financial contribution: 1.500 EUR (fixed; this includes living costs for 1 month and IPRs
  • Travel costs: 400 EUR (up to given limit - based on real costs; one round trip)
  • Accommodation: provided by organiser
  • Studio & facilities for creative work: provided by residency partner
  • Residency partner statement: As the capital city of Czechia, Prague remains one of the most developed when it comes to public transport. However, bikes remain underused in the city. We welcome a project that would attempt to change the way everyday citizens perceive cycling as a means of daily transport.
  • Outcome focus: An investigation regarding the role of cycling in everyday communication in the city of Prague - we are looking for artists who operates in the area of visual arts, performance, studio practice, post artistic practice and participatory art. Why cycling in Prague is not the preferable medium for commuting? What are the stereotypes linked to biking? Why the number of people using cycling as a daily activity is still quite small in comparison with other European cities?

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