Slovakia - Bratislava

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  • Organisers: Czech Centre Bratislava and PUNKT
  • Residency partner: Nová Cvernovka
  • Duration of residency: August to September 2024 (1 month)
  • Financial contribution: 1.500 EUR (fixed; this includes living costs for 1 month and IPRs
  • Travel costs: 400 EUR (up to given limit - based on real costs; one round trip)
  • Accommodation, studio & facilities for creative work: provided by residency partner
  • Residency partner statement: This artistic residency is a unique chance to work with an extensive neighbourhood network and participate with an established community festival, Dobrý trh (The Good Market). The festival is a catalysing force behind a new sustainable urban plan for the neighbourhood public space. During this residency, we are looking for an artist who will be able to tap into the local community, co-create and re-imagine what mobility can be for this neighbourhood and its visitors.
  • Outcome focus: installation, intervention in public space.
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