09.12.2023 |10am-3pm

A Christmas without Waste / Vánoce bez plýtvání

A Christmas without Waste Bild 5© Petra Hajska
We celebrated Christmas the sustainable way!

As part of CYCLE UP! and the The Green Side of Libraries, we had a day of making and crafting with sustainable materials at the Goethe-Institut, Prague. We had hands-on artistic workshops using found objects and recycled materials such as old wallpaper, wrapping paper, magazines, and newspapers.
A Christmas without Waste Bild 1© Petra Hajska
Ester Rosíková from KreativAtelier led a workshop to make small gifts such as Christmas angels and decorations with recycled paper and aluminium coffee capsules.  
A Christmas without Waste Bild 2© Petra Hajska
In the zine workshop, led by Lotte van den Hoogen, each participant created a zine about an experience or life story regarding feminist themes. A zine (short for fanzine and magazine) is a self-published, often photocopied, non-commercial print work. Zines are an important medium because they can provide a safe and independent platform for expression for marginalised and underrepresented voices. They allow for self-expression, telling your story and sharing your emotions. Because of its small and easy format, it allows even the smallest voices to be heard. The zines have now been reproduced and are available from the zine vending machine at the Goethe-Institut in Prague.
A Christmas without Waste Bild 3© Petra Hajska
Upcycling was combined with bookbinding in the workshops by Reformát and Zuzana Mašková for both adults and young people. Participants created homemade notebooks and pencils, made using old magazines and wrapping paper, and we introduced new techniques and materials in the production of notebooks.
A Christmas without Waste Bild 4© Petra Hajska
We also made three-dimensional dinosaurs from cardboard under the guidance of Brazilian artist and puppeteer, Gilberto Conti.
A Christmas without Waste Bild 6© Petra Hajska
A plant swap and terracotta pot painting workshop were also enjoyed by all ages.
A Christmas without Waste © Petra Hajska

This event was created using CYCLE UP! partner, Tartu 2024’s Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events