28.07.2023, Katowice

The Bicycle Policies of Polish Cities | Polityki rowerowe polskich miast

Polityki rowerowe miast Katowice © Artur Stanczyk This debate with decision makers and experts was an opportunity to present the report ‘Bicycling policy of Polish cities’ issued by the Observatory of Urban Policy of the Institute for Urban Development and Regions in Poland. The meeting was organised by the BoMiasto Association, the CYCLE UP! project partner in Polan, and it was attended by Marcin Hyła, the author of the report, Łukasz Zych, an employee of the Metropolis GZM (an organisation associating cities in Silesia) and Joanna Tabor, Bicycle Officer from the town of Chorzów. 

Urban mobility, the planned cycling route connecting Katowice and Sosnowiec, the division of responsibilities regarding bicycle policy between city offices and the Metropolis GZM are just some of the topics discussed during the meeting. 

Polityki rowerowe miast Katowice © Artur Stanczyk
 © Artur Stanczyk
 © Artur Stanczyk
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