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The Magazin Sprache is a source for up-to-date information on learning and teaching German as a foreign language: Practical tips and specialist articles for teachers and teacher trainers, supplemented by dossiers on key issues.

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Practical tips for teachers

How to make lessons engaging and interactive? What methods are best suited to offer students support in reaching their goals? How to confront the challenges in your everyday teaching practice? Our practical tips have got you covered.

Practical tips Using Digital Tasks for Action-Oriented Language Learning

Practical tip: Post-pandemic Teaching New dimensions of teaching: Some suggestions for modern-day teaching

Key issues

  • Journal Fremdsprache Deutsch

    Read practice-oriented articles about methodology and didactics. Authors from all over the world provide theoretical input on the current state of science and practical suggestions.

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  • Sustainability

    How do we achieve sustainable language teaching and learning? How do the sustainability goals of Agenda 2030 reflect in language teaching and learning? And how can sustainability in teaching professions be attained?
    The dossier assembles thoughts and suggestions on this vital topic.

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  • German in professional situations

    How specific do professional language skills need to be, how can they be acquired, and how can they be evidenced?
    The dossier looks at these questions from different perspectives.

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  • The Future of Language Learning

    Technology will make the teacher's tasks easier, make lessons more effective and interesting, and give all the people better chances to learn, understand and utilize foreign languages. Is that really true? What do we have to consider, discuss as a society or where is social governance necessary?

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