Artbits Einstieg 7 © Mark Jenkins, Photo: Lord Jim
© Mark Jenkins, Photo: Lord Jim


Urban public spaces are canvases for street art. They reveal the political and social discourse of the city. The #artbits bloggers collect photos of street art from Germany and North America, from Berlin, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Flower Power

Space Invader "Fire Flower" © Space Invader, Photo: Lunapark


M. Chat © M. Chat, Photo: Luna Park


Goer & Rebis © Goer, Rebis Photo: Luna Park


„The Swimmers“ by James Bullough © James Bullough, Foto: Mike Macguire

Pretty Ugly

"Traincharmachameleon“ by Goodloe Byron © Goodloe Byron, Photo: Mike Maguire

Words As Art

"Seizure" by Rylsee © Rylsee. Photo: Marc Macguire